The Steezies

The Steezies is a large, energetic group of musicians with a very particular goal  of unifying people from different walks of life.  We chat about Ghetto Sessions, a musical endeavor, they helped shaped in order to pursue this goal.  Katie and George tells us how the band, very organically emerged and evolved in two years from the two of them making music in their room to a full force Afro/funk/indie band who have graced festival stages such as Up the Creek, STRAB, Splashy Fen, Off the Grid and many more.   George helps us to understand the ethos and sound of the band by revealing some of the interesting twists and turns his life journey took from growing up in rural Kwazulu Natal to studying in Scotland.  We learn that they share members with Nomadic Orchestra and they also tell us about interesting buddy bands of The Steezies such as Flying Bantu from Zimbabwe and Sounds of the South of Khayelitsha. Download and stream their debut EP, Snorting lines of Turmeric from all major online platforms.